Insight of Ceramic Rope

Summary Picture Courtesy: J.D.Jones Ceramic Rope is basically a compression packing technique for very high-temperature duties. It is manufactured from an exceptionally stable fiber material that is soft, non-irritating, non-hazardous & is not limited by the World Health Organisation or European Union restrictions. These heat resistant fabric material of rope are produced using advanced chemical [...]


All About Buffle Bags

Summary Picture Courtesy: Comsyn Baffle Bags (also called Baffle FIBCs or Q Bags) are an ideal way to save cost through maximizing the amount of material you are able to transport in one. The Baffle bags design is constructed by sewing four extra fabric panels across the four corners of the FIBC bag. Thus, when the bag [...]

All About Keywords in Digital Marketing

Summary People make billions and millions of Internet searches everyday, from movie timings to nearby pizza places to oil changing services. Researches consistently shows that Internet users typically select one of the first few search results, and if they find what they’re looking for, they stop searching further. It is one of the main drivers [...]

Is it worth buying used furniture from furniture stores

Summary The significance of furniture in our day to day life has frequently been a dismissed subject and we need a lot of things that bring comfort and ease to our lives. One of such comfortable aspects is furniture. Furniture is a part of our daily existence and its importance is only known when we [...]

Google Chrome’s Tools for better marketing

Summary Picture Courtesy: Scrabbl Extensions are little programs that help to improve user experience with the chrome browser or any other browser of your choice. They are written in HTML, CSS or Javascript. Chrome extensions can help you improve your productivity. Some of the extensions can even make you browse the web faster or reduce [...]

Insight of a Pressure Seal Gasket

Summary Picture Courtesy: J.D.Jones Metallic Gaskets are used for sealing under higher temperature and pressure applications, where non-asbestos materials fail. Typical applications of the gasket are heat exchangers, compressors, condensers, pumps, and valves. The higher the internal pressure, the greater the sealing force. Easy dismantling is made possible by dropping the bonnet assembly into the [...]

All About food grade big bags

Summary Picture Courtesy: Comsyn Food grade Big Bags are made for especially storing and transporting of food materials. These bags can be any common bulk bag shape and size. The materials used for making and lining these bags need to be FDA-approved and durable to be ideal storage and shipping of various types of food materials. [...]

A career as a Digital Marketing Professional

Summary Picture Courtesy: Scrabbl Digital marketing, just like any other form of marketing, is all about promoting products, building brands, developing leads, and engaging your customers. The difference is digital marketing takes place online. Digital marketing is also known as Internet marketing, e-productivity, e-commerce, interactive marketing, and e-marketing. Digital marketing integrates people, processes, and technology. [...]

Hey, want to go Viral?

Summary Picture Courtesy: Scrabbl Viral is a buzzword used to describe any content or media that quickly become widely shared through social networks and online. The concept of “going viral” can refer to many mediums, including videos, photos, games, articles, or even advertisements. Viral content such as an article, an image or a video that [...]

All About Sealing in Mechanical Industry

Summary Picture Courtesy: J.D.Jones Mechanical sealing is a method of containing fluid within a vessel typically pumps, mixers, etc. Where a rotating shaft passes through a stationary housing, where the housing rotates around the shaft. There are several types and arrangement of the mechanical seals used for the centrifugal pumps. Some of the commonly used ones are [...]

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