Types of Sofa and How You Can Customize Your New Sofa

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Is a sofa the same as a couch? Or should we call it a ‘settee’? If you want to know your divan from your Davenport and your Chesterfield from your chaise-longue, read on. Here’s our complete guide to the many words for ‘sofa’… What would you call that orangey thing the lady pictured above is sitting on? A corner sofa, perhaps? It probably seems a bit old-fashioned for that. There are surprisingly many words for a sofa.

Sofas, chairs and love seats all come with cushions that are designed to exactly fit the dimensions of the base. Those can be in any shape and can be made of any type of materials.

The history of the word ‘sofa’

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word ‘sofa’ originates from an Arabic word soffah, which is ‘a part of the floor raised a foot or two, covered with rich carpets and cushions.

use of the word is by the English cleric and intrepid traveler Samuel Purchas, who in his 1625 work Purchas his pilgrimage mentions seeing in Arabia: ‘A Sofa spread with very sumptuous Carpets of Gold, upon which the Grand Vizier sitteth.’

Sofa variations

1) The couch: The word ‘couch’ originally a structure with a soft covering designed for lying on to sleep i.e. a bed rather than a chair. a function of the couch is the same as a lounge or daybed.

2) The settee: A settee, like a sofa, which has a back. However, it seems that the ‘settee’ evolved separately to the ‘sofa’, even if they ended up being indistinguishable. The word settee is, according to the OED ‘perhaps a fanciful variation of settle’. A settle, historically, is a bench, usually made of oak, popular in the Middle Ages.

3) The love seat: It is still a popular name in other countries to describe a two-seater sofa, the love seat is a chair capable of accommodating either one wide person or two narrow persons. As the name suggests, they don’t mind being in close proximity to one another.

4) Chesterfields and davenports: A Chesterfield is a heavily upholstered sofa, usually large, with scrolled, roll-over arms the same height as the back and most of the time made of buttoned leather.

5) The divan: One of the more exotic words used to describe a comfortable chair for multiple persons sitting arrangement, the ‘divan’ was originally a long step, bench, running along an entire wall of a room and strewn with cushions. The name came from the Turkish word ‘divan’ councils or courts, which might take place in rooms so furnished.

How to customize a new sofa

1. Customize by Color: Any model you see in the custom sofas can be made into a sectional in whatever configuration you like in any measurement you like.

2. Custom the size/length: You can customize the length and depth of any custom sofas or sectionals down to the inch. You can even change the seat height, arm height, arm width, back height, etc. Basically, once you pick a model, you can tweak it to any measurement you want.

3. Customize the fabric: There are many fabrics are available like polyesters, microfibers, bonded leather, synthetic vinyl, and genuine top grain leather. Or, you can provide your own fabric.

5. Finalizing Your Custom Design

Who says that only wicker, wood, metal, and bean bags are the only option for outdoor? Sofas and love seats are just as great. They can look bulky but they invite dreamy naps and the size is no longer an issue. You can have them customized according to the shape of the area.


Using multifunctional furniture in a home, as it not only saves space but also makes the furniture work hard for the room it takes up. A sofa bed is the perfect blend of two of the biggest furniture you have in your home. If you’re struggling with space in your home, need an extra occasional bed, or simply want to maximize your furniture as much as possible the customizing your sofa would be the best option.

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