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All About Tarpaulin


Tarpaulin or tarp is a type of heavy fabric material usually made from cloth such as canvas, from plastics such as polyethylene or polyester which is coated with polyethylene. It is water-resistant, malleable, tough and great for outdoor usage. Let us discuss about tarpaulin today.

Types of Tarpaulins

Poly tarpaulins are lightweight, moisture-resistant, and relatively inexpensive. They consist of cross-woven strands of polyethylene, polypropylene, or another polyolefin plastic.

Canvas tarpaulins are made of closely-woven hemp or cotton cloth. They are heavier than polyethylene products but are sturdier so it provides better wind resistance.

Vinyl tarpaulins are made of vinyl-coated polyester and are coated with flame-retardant polyvinyl chloride. They are a more heavy-duty tarp, used where more reliable protection is needed. They tend to be waterproof, highly abrasion resistant, and resistant to corrosion or contamination by oil, acid, grease, and mildew.

Mesh tarpaulins are generally made with polyethylene, vinyl, or canvas material threaded and woven to a screen-like pattern. These tarps allow for the partial passage of wind and light, making them suitable for enclosures, site barriers, awnings, golf greens coverings and construction sites.

Selection Criteria

Selecting tarpaulins requires an analysis of specifications important to the application. Properties include water-resistance, strength, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and various features.

Water-resistance is important for tarpaulins that must provide protection from rain and moisture. Different tarps provide varying levels of protection, from little resistance to completely waterproof.

Strength is a tarpaulin’s ability to hold together when subject to forces. A tarp’s strength changes on the basis of material and the weaving design. Strength includes wind resistance, or a tarp’s ability to resist tearing or breakage from high winds.

Corrosion resistance determines how well a tarpaulin resists corrosion from UV light and foreign materials such as oils, acids, greases, and mildew. Special coatings can be applied to tarps to provide resistance to different types of degradation.

Abrasion resistance is a tarpaulin’s resistance to tearing and splitting ability. Canvas and vinyl tend to be more resistant than polyethylene materials.

Feature, grommets are plastic or metal eyelets in tarpaulins used to help securely. Ropes are often sewn and sealed to tarpaulin borders to provide strength and enhanced tear resistance. Some suppliers provide accessories along with the tarp including replacement grommets, anti-mildew treatments, tarp tie-downs, and sometimes even rope.

When purchasing a tarp, size and area requirements should be understood to provide the necessary coverage for the application.


Tarpaulins are widely used in various applications and industries. Others serve as snow fences or tent canopies. They are also used in construction projects to cover bridges, buildings, and water towers. For landscaping and lawn maintenance, tarps can be used to transport leaves or other yard wastes across a yard.


A tarpaulin is a piece of material which has been designed to be waterproof or water resistant. Tarpaulins are used in settings from providing shelter from inclement weather to protecting flooring from paint drips. It is also possible to purchase large sheets of tarpaulin material and cut them down into a specific desired size.


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