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FIBC: Solution for Carrying Industrial Goods


Industrial goods are goods that are bought and used for industrial and business use. Those are made up of machinery, manufacturing plants, raw materials, and any other good or component used by industries or firms. On the other hand, consumer goods are ready for the consumption of human wants, such as clothing or food.

Classification of Industrial products is important as it helps in decision making for the organization. Industrial goods are classified on the basis of their some aspects.

There are 5 major classes of Industrial products

Natural Materials & Parts

Manufactured materials and parts

Capital items

Supplies &

Business services

Transportation is used by industrial enterprises to move objects worked on and products in the production area. Industrial transport is both an integral part of the production process and an important link in the general transportation system. The annual volume of cargo carried by industrial rail and motor vehicle transport is about 1.5 times greater than the volume of freight hauled by general rail and motor vehicle transport (more than 12 billion tons in 1973). Handling operations exceeded 50 billion transfer-tons in 1973, with a mechanisation level of about 70 percent.

Industries are now using FIBC bags, Baffle Bags, Clean Room Big Bags to store and transport goods as these bags are not harmful to nature and biodegradable. Let us check what exactly is FIBC.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container, better known as FIBC bags are sometimes known as Bulk Bag, Jumbo Bag, these are economical and ideal packing used for the storage & transportation of powdered, granulated products. They are reusable and highly reliable, provide an ideal method of transporting material in bulk and very easy to load and unload as per requirements.

Industries those are using FIBC bags

Petrochemical and chemical product manufacturers

Food product manufacturers (e.g. sugar, flour, spices, wheat, milk powder)

Construction products (e.g. cement, granite, sand)

Agricultural and related products (e.g. fertilizers, animal feed, grass).

Industrial applications (e.g. scrap materials, copper coils & slag, sludge waste)

Wood industries (e.g. firewood, lumber, planks)

And many more applications and industries being added


FIBC bulk bags are manufactured using high-grade polypropylene (PP) fabrics that protect from UV degradation. Each bulk bag can contain load capacities between 500 kgs to 2000 kgs with the safety of 5:1 or 6:1 (5:1 is for single use and 6:1 is for multiple uses), depending on the bag design and size. Optional LDPE inner liner can be included for additional protection against moisture ingress.

There is an extensive range of customised FIBC bags for providing customised solutions and serving special requirements of various industries. These bags, along with required specifications, are coupled with a wide range of filling, discharging, and handling options. Enables the development of the right solutions for clients, which are efficient and economical for meeting the increasing challenges of global bulk packaging.


Now a days technical progress in industrial transport is taking several directions. The operation of transporting is being improved by integrated production technology regulating the entire production process, including operations performed industrial transport. The operation of industrial transport is coordinated with mainline transport. New ways of organising rail and motor vehicle transport are being developed by combining these types of transport into large industrial and inter-industrial enterprises and combines.


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