Where to Buy Modern Luxury Furniture

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The furniture in a home is like the life of the house. Our furniture takes up the majority of space and helps to make your home feel like home, welcoming and complete. When you are choosing furniture for your living and dining room, it’s important to pick unique pieces that fit your space and budget. Choose from contemporary and modern luxury furniture, traditional or a bit of both.

Modern luxury furniture is on trend, and there are several reasons for its popularity.

Creates a Unique Look

Modern luxury pieces become less common as time goes by even pieces that were once mass-produced and ubiquitous. As they grow more unusual, luxury pieces give your decor individuality and style, maybe even creating a “cool” factor that can’t be achieved when furnishing entirely with new pieces.

You can choose pieces all from furniture stores, such as mid-century modern, using them to re-create that style right down to the accessories; or you can carefully curate a collection of pieces from different parts in a combination that makes a harmonious and cohesive look. If you combine pieces from several places, make sure to tie the room together with color and a level of formality, so that even if the pieces are from different times, they all share certain visual elements.


If you appreciate fine-quality furniture but your budget is limited, buying modern pieces gives you the ability to indulge your fondness for the better things in life. Modern pieces are less expensive than buying new furniture of the same quality.

Modern Luxury Furniture Maintenance

The guidelines for furniture maintenance are pretty simple. If the furniture is used wisely and handled carefully, it will need very little maintenance. But in cleaning and polishing furniture surfaces and hardware, and in re-upholstering, some well-intentioned caretakers introduce damage.

Cleaning Surfaces

For the many maintaining furniture simply means keeping it clean. Wood furniture usually needs to be cleaned only when there is dirt. Before cleaning wood, the first and most important step is to evaluate the surface and make sure that the surface or coating is stable. Do not damage the surface by any cleaning and polishing.

Cleaning Upholstery

Dusting upholstery can be accomplished by a vacuum cleaner. Place a soft screen on the surface to prevent any snagging from the vacuum tip, and using a brush attachment, carefully vacuum the surface. Stains and other damage to upholstery should be referred to an upholstery conservator for further treatment.

Metal Hardware

One never-ending concern of furniture caretakers is for the hardware, including handles, brackets, hinges, and escutcheons attached, usually with nails, to the outer surface of a piece. The metal in hardware might be brass, silver, bronze, depending upon the style.


Each room in your home has its purpose, and you can say a lot about a room’s function by the furniture. While some type of furniture can crossover between different types of rooms, most fit better in one than the other. For example, a polished-oak dining table and chairs may not look good in a bedroom or living room. When furnishing a home, plan your dream layout of each room. We can sort things down by living room furniture, bedroom furniture, and dining room furniture to help you get started.

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